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*To be published 23rd February 2018: A new Too Woo book - A frog's life - a book for the world's frog lovers.*

New school talk at Stanley School, Teddington, Middlesex.

16th January Evelyn Wood gave a talk about bees to 120 six and seven year old pupils of Stanley School Teddington. The children were enthusiastic about the subject and asked great questions afterwards.

One girl told Evelyn, "You were really good" which he says is like winning an Oscar.

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The search for journey's end

Recent release in Paperback - The search for journey's end.

What starts as a plan to stop Brownie (a dog) stealing Clarence's (a cat) food goes awry, but a family of mice rescues the pair. These are no ordinary mice. Their leader has a vision and plan. Soon an unlikely family forms, and they set off in search of paradise - journey's end. They face peril and danger, but get help from unusual new friends too.

Quickly learning the value of co-operation they become a family and set off in search of the land of plenty where the mouse leader was born. Their adventures involve comedy and fright as they battle elements, and the nature of some other creatures as they search for journey's end. Some unlikely additions swell the family and help in the search.

Join one of the strangest families ever on an exciting adventure as it determinedly searches for journey's end.


Available to order at book stores Worldwide and in the UK from Waterstones and other good book shops. Also available from Amazon

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Books in the Exploring with Too Woo series

The magical world of Butterflies ISBN: 978-0-9934145-0-3

Sommerfuglenes magiske verden ISBN: 978-0-9934145-1-0

The busy world of bees ISBN: 978-0-9934145-2-7

A frog's life ISBN: 978-0-9934145-6-5

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